It's our Birthday

Welcome to the first blog post of the Canberra Lactation Centre. Achieving the qualification of International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and developing this business has been very much like a pregnancy, birth and early parenting... It's been a journey involving much research and review of the best way forward. We have listened to people in the know and leaned on people that make us feel strong and positive. Creating an environment where we know where to access information and resources has been crucial. While we are qualified IBCLCs and have nearly 20 years of breastfeeding experience between the two of us, running a small business and social media engagement is a new endeavour for us. So please feel free to help us out by letting people know we're here! Having a birth, breastfeeding and parenting experience that is awesome and joyful is so much easier when you have people involved that create a world of support and inclusion. When you start a new business you need the right people to help steer and suggest ideas -- such as an accountant or a grammar person who is good with words n' stuff :). Did you know that there are 28,000 Lactation consultants worldwide? We launched on March 1, 2017 to celebrate International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Day and the strong founding that this qualification brings to the Canberra Lactation Centre. We are honoured and proud to join this group of professionals and support breastfeeding in all of its forms. This space will be used to share new research, identify related services that can help, check out whats new out there in breastfeeding and lactation (or more likely what's old and we are relearning). This blog is about creating a fun and informative space to share knowledge. And given that I live on a farm, there's a good chance there will be chicken photos too ;) So thank you for stopping by and reading our inaugural post. We are so excited to start this adventure and provide another avenue of lactation support for families in the ACT region and surrounds. Enjoy the Autumn sunshine, Katherine Stock IBCLC PS. Make sure you stay up to date by subscribing below. Or maybe you'd rather follow us on Facebook? Either way, we'd love to have you as part of the Canberra Lactation Centre's community.

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