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Frequently Asked Questions 

When should I call to make an appointment?

There is no right time to call to get help; it is very dependent on you and your baby.   A good rule of thumb is when breastfeeding is or has been hard for you or your baby.  It is normal for it to feel weird, strange, odd, magic, incredible or maybe a bit squicky.  What it shouldn't feel like is a burden or a traumatic event.  Only you and your baby can judge how you are going, trust yourself to call when you need to.

What if I left it too late to ring?

I am a big believer in women's bodies and the magic of babies.  I never say never, there is never a situation that can't be salvaged or altered to reach the families goals.  However that said if there is nothing that can be changed or altered I will listen to your story and provide good information to assist for future babies.  

What will happen when you visit?

When I visit I will talk about the role that a Lactation Consultant has, I will assess a breastfeed, conduct a functional mouth assessment on your baby and discuss options and provide education.  It is useful to set aside at least 2 hours for the visit.  I will then send a report via email with lots of links and information and a plan for the next few days.  

How do I stay in contact?

You are welcome to call, email or text message to let me know how you and your baby are going.  I will message or call following the visit to see how you going.

When will the breastfeeding get better?

Okay so this is a big one unfortunately there is no way of knowing when your situation will improve it is dependent on many things, including how long it has been hard for.  However what I can guarantee you is that if you pull in people to support you it makes the hard so much easier.